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Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) has the largest vertical in North America so it is a world class hill and should be a world class destination resort. That was the vision in 2004 when the resort was approved by the BC government. The world financial crisis of 2008/9 derailed the vision for what was thought to be a temporary period. But eight years later, the project remains stalled. Current owners, Northland Properties, operate RMR more as a local ski hill than a major destination even though the skier numbers are in line with the original master plan.

Northland is making a significant annual profit but that money is not being reinvested into services and facilities as envisioned in the master plan.  Northland seems content to pocket the profits while investing only into areas which show an immediate return.

The mountain is getting overcrowded due to a lack of new lifts and runs. Equipment such as groomers are not sufficient to maintain a modern standard.  Basic facilities such as on-hill washrooms are inadequate.

Homeowners, who have invested an equivalent amount of money in the project as Northland, are not being heard and want to be recognized as stakeholders in the future of RMR.  They have formed the Revelstoke Mountain Home Owners Association (RMHOA) and want the resort to live up to its earlier vision and become a world class destination.  

The current lack of reinvestment represents a missed opportunity for current and future homeowners, the City of Revelstoke, the Province of BC, and Northlands.

Recently, the approval of the Valemount ski area is a further challenge as, once Valemount is developed as early as 2018, it will pass Revelstoke as having North America’s largest vertical ski runs.  This underlines the negative impact of the RMR standstill strategy; the ski world is not standing still.



    You can become a voting member of the Revelstoke Mountain Home Owners Association. 


    If you are a community member and are concerned about the future of our community, please join us. 


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    RMHOA Goals

    Create awareness of RMHOA, the issues and the need for the group to provide input for future development and amenities on the mountain in keeping with RMHOA goals:


    Establish, grow and foster a homeowners group that represents a major stakeholder interest in the resort.


    As a major stakeholder, be invited to provide views in regulatory discussions and approvals that may impact the resort.


    Create an environment in which Northland is strongly encouraged to invest consistently and regularly in slope side and accommodation improvements


    Facilities do not match demand