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Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) is a world class ski hill. In 2004 the BC government and the City of Revelstoke approved the master plan which envisioned a world class destination resort. The world financial crisis of 2008/9 derailed the project for what was thought to be a temporary period.

Nine years later, the future of the approved masterplan remains uncertain. The main stakeholders are not actively supporting and advocating for this vision. Northland Properties, seem reluctant to address concerns around the quality, capacity and scope of guest facilities, ski lifts and resort accommodation and are apparently unable or unwilling to complete long-standing deficiencies in key resort infrastructure.

Lift lines are growing fast due to a lack of investment. On hill dining is challenging with only two outlets, one of which may be overcrowded and the other not serving hot food outside of peak lunch time hours. Despite the huge area of the terrain at the resort, there is no indoor dining available above the Revelation Lodge. Although long overdue investments in grooming equipment are promised over the next four years, the available grooming equipment is insufficient to appropriately groom and maintain the extensive and steep Revelstoke slopes.

Homeowners, who together have made investments approaching that of Northland, are not engaged by the main stakeholders even though we share a vital interest in the future, success and vision of RMR. The residents, workers and business owners of Revelstoke all share a vital stake in the future success of RMR. They are similarly not provided the opportunity to be engaged in the future of the resort.

We formed the Revelstoke Mountain Home Owners Association (RMHOA) to represent all those who share our concerns and want the resort to live up to the master plan and become the world class destination we all know it can be with appropriate investment and stewardship.

The lack of investment and failure to foster positive momentum and confidence is a huge missed opportunity for homeowners, workers, businesses, residents, the City of Revelstoke, the Province of BC, and Northlands. It does not live up to the expectations laid out in the approved masterplan. How many jobs, how much tax revenue, how much growth has been lost due to a lack of action and vision?

Recently, the approval of the Valemount ski area is a further challenge as, once Valemount is developed, it will pass Revelstoke as having North America’s largest vertical ski runs. This underlines the risks of the RMR standstill strategy; the ski resort market is not standing still and we risk being left behind.  

Once we become old news and the momentum is gone, it will take decades to recover – if that is even possible. The Rockies are replete with ski resorts and small towns that had tremendous upside and viable businesses but due to lackadaisical stewardship these towns and ski hills are now forlorn relics, decaying quietly away bearing silent witness to the failure to grasp the moment.

Let’s make sure that is not our future.



    Home and Land OWNERS

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    If you are a community member and are concerned about the future of our community, please join us. 


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    RMHOA Goals

    Create awareness of the concerns and filling the need for unity, advocacy and input for development and amenities on the mountain in keeping with RMHOA goals:


    Establish, grow and foster a homeowners group that represents a major stakeholder interest in the resort.

    As a major stakeholder, be invited to provide views in regulatory discussions and approvals that may impact the resort.

    Create an environment in which Northland is strongly encouraged to invest consistently and regularly in slope side and accommodation improvements.


    Facilities do not match demand